Sunday, November 27, 2011

The "F" Word

I'm not the biggest fan of the word foodie. Yes, I'm pretty sure I am what people would call a foodie [hellouuu, I write a food blog and keep chickens] but I really just think of myself to be someone who really loves good food. Eating it, preparing, sharing it.

Don't get me wrong, I like foodie things. I shop at my local farmers market every Saturday. I've participated in a weekly CSA for years and years. If I had the chance to go to one of these amazing Outstanding in the Field dinners, I would go. I would run, actually.

One of my strongest food memories was made when I visited Dan Barber's fabulous NYC restaurant Blue Hill several years ago - maybe the best meal I've ever had. Tons of courses, interesting and unique ingredients, amazing wine, the freshest of everthing. The folks from Blue Hill also run the Stone Barns Center, a wonderful farm in New York where they raise everything from vegetables to livestock. It's all about sustainability [ah, there's that word...] and having the very freshest food possible. Love that. taste in food varies - doesn't yours? People who say they only eat this or would never eat that...that is so not me! One night, I might have a meal of local and organic stuff like roast chicken, bibb salad or maybe some homemade soup. Then, another time, I want something super simple [and greasy] like a grilled cheese sammie. And I must add that to me, grilled cheese means just 'normal' cheese, no fancy bread, with butter in the pan. Yum.

Speaking of CSAs, did you know that Clementine has a meat CSA? Check it out! [I'm hoping to split a share with a friend.]

Life's short. Dig in. And don't take yourself too seriously.


  1. Enjoy your blog...referred by another Baltimorian (and I think friend/acquaintance). Off the main topic of your post but connected...where do you get basic Chinese take-out? I have tried a few places (lately the one on St. Paul near Eddies) but have not found anyplace that I really like. Would love a good recommendation if you have one.

  2. hey patrick - thanks! glad you like the blog.

    i order japanese and chinese takeout from asian taste on 36th. i think it's good basic stuff. also, my neighbors really like china taste - that's in the shopping center by super fresh. good luck!