Monday, October 24, 2011

baltimore chickens: life in the coop

drama in the coop...

we've had a few lineup changes. as the 'girls' approached five months, things really got interesting! first, gertie [ameraucana] started to CROW! oy, it was out of nowhere was loud. she [well, he...] was quickly taken back out to the country where that sorta behavior is a-ok. my neighbors have been so nice, so i wanted to make sure we had no more early morning wake up calls.

i had long suspected gertie was a rooster, due to the fact that he was always 'odd man out' from the other three...they wanted nothing to do with him. when i dropped him off, i was actually sad. gert had been my fave...the prettiest, easiest, sweetest. and would have laid blue/green eggs...the whole thing was a bummer.

coming home in gertie's place, was edith. she's brown and quite beautiful. and a total spaz - and afraid of everything, everyone. i think once she gets more used to her new city home, i think she'll be more fun and saucy.

here's edith. thinking she might go by 'edie.'

when i brought edith home, clara [very bossy rhode island red] became quite aggresive and wouldn't leave edith alone for a second. i scooped edith up and put her in a separate area to catch her breath. tried again the next day and it was even more dramatic. so, i called an old friend in my hometown who is a more experienced chicken keeper and she was willing to take her. we'll see what happens. when i left clara in kingsville, she was doing fine. my friend emailed me recently to say she suspects clara might be a clarence. we will see. clara's place [man, this is like menudo or something...], comes agnes. only took me twenty minutes to catch her - i thought that was pretty good. i wonder how long it took rocky. what a workout. here's agnes:

with all of these changes, my girls dottie and millie are being pretty good. a few little chases and intimidating 'i was here FIRST!' sorts of actions...but nothing too scary. edith might have a different take on that...

so, it's one day at a time here on my little urban farm. they're keeping me on my toes fer sure. henry, my 4 yr old yellow lab, is also rolling with the punches. he's been quite sweet, actually. what a good dog. here is a photo i will with henry and gertie.

i'm hoping that dottie and millie will start laying soon. right now, they're investigating the nesting boxes.

gotta be patient, hon.


  1. Love the photo at the end. You look so happy.

  2. That is the CUTEST photo of you, the dog, and the chicken. Love your blog!