Sunday, March 4, 2012

Take comfort

During this weird, weird winter, we didn't have very much cold weather...pretty much NO snow. The no snow part was particularly disappointing, since my full-time gig is working at a school. One of the very best perks of my job, aside from those two glorious weeks off during winter break, is the chance to stay home in my jammies on the gift that is a snow day. Happiness.

But, warmish weather be damned - sometimes you've gotta have comfort food. So, I went into my kitchen to see what's good. Score in the freezer! A beautiful roast from one of my faves at the Waverly Market, Liberty Delight Farms. I decided to make Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast, America's Test Kitchen's Roasted Smashed New Potatoes (a fave in my house) and Emeril's Roasted Green Beans.

Take comfort and make some good food, hon.

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  1. I love reading your blog and hearing abour your urban farm animal adventures. I too love to cook but, like many, don't get to as often as I would like. Plus there are so many great recipes out there,it's hard to try them all.
    I did make the smashed potatoes a few months back and the family scarfed them up. I love America's Test Kitchen.
    Planning to make a pie tomorrow for PI day! Homemade crust or store bought?
    Thanks for sharing.